Table Lamp Art DIY Kit

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Light, Design, and Painting in your ART-LAMP-WORK!


1. Painting the wood details.
2. Gather a lamp from them.

I painted this lamp and assembled it with my daughter in 40 minutes.
First, we painted all the details in different colors. It took 15 minutes.
Then we sang a song and waited for the art to dry for another 10 minutes.
After that, we finished all the details in about 10 minutes.
And finally, all the details were collected in 5 minutes and turned on our SUPER ART!

K I T:
ART: Acrylic paints of 6 colors, set brushes, acrylic varnish, palette, a pencil with eraser, sandpaper, and paraffin stick, instruction.

DESIGN: Stas Sapukhin for LeftSun, 2020.

ENVIRONMENT: Indoor - Dry Location

MATERIAL: alder plywood.

DESK LAMP: plywood details.

BULB: led 4W (equivalent 50W)

HOLDER: E14, AC110-240V it fits all voltages (USA, AUSTRALIA, EUROPE)

SIZE assebmbled LAMP: 240x240x(h)310mm/9.45x9.45x(h)12.2in

CABLE: 1,5m

PACKAGING: it is packed for long-distance in a cardboard box weight lamp with pack 1 kg / 2.2 lb

INSTRUCTION: detailed video and printing instructions included.

Note: the child collects the lamp ONLY in the PRESENCE of an ADULT! Because complete with electrical accessories ready for connection to external power networks

Here you can see the concept of ART LAMP

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